Parkside Tennis Club has flexible membership options for all individuals who are interested in tennis. Check out what we have to offer and grab the opportunity to be a member of the elite tennis club in Ontario.

Platinum Membership

If you avail the platinum membership, it will entitle you to have free access to the different tennis courts available on the premises. Whenever you are playing, there will be a designated coach to take care of you. It is also inclusive of unlimited usage for our fitness center in the club.

Gold Membership

The Gold membership comes with free usage on the in-house gym of the club. You are also entitled to a fifty percent discount whenever you wish to use the tennis courts available in the vicinity.

Silver Membership

With this membership, you can use the gym for free at least twice a month. There is also a twenty-five percent discount on the court usage.

Parkside Tennis Club is an exclusive tennis club on Ontario. If you want to have the passes to get in the tennis club, choose from the three available memberships that you can take advantage of. If you want to clarify some things, let us know through