Welcome to Parkside Tennis Club!

Parkside Tennis Club is a top rated tennis club based in Ontario, Canada. We have the best place where tennis enthusiasts can enjoy a great day at the tennis court. We are considered the best tennis club in the area due to the world class facilities we have. Aside from that, we have professional instructors that can help you improve to reach your A-game. The club has the best amenities that you can find in Ontario that even professionals are here to visit most of the time.

Parkside Tennis Club has been fully operational for over ten years now. We have thousands of members because of the high-quality services provided by our staff and crew. There is no need for you to look anywhere else. Whatever necessity you have when it comes to tennis can be found right here with us. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the world of tennis, we got you covered. We have different programs suitable for people who have no experience. Also, we provide advanced training sessions for our professional members.

If you want to learn and enjoy playing tennis, be a member now at Parkside Tennis Club. Whether it is for leisure or career, you can rely on us to get an advantage.